Monday, September 14, 2009

NCS Football

Nairobi City Stars is a professional football (soccer) team Josh has played for the last year. Two weeks back, during a game against the FC Leopards, Josh tore his ACL. A painful thing to watch from the stands, more or less to actually have happen to you. After coming to terms with the reality of the situation, a trip to the doc, and a couple of calls home, Josh cut his season short and returned to the states for surgery. Some time at the end of September he should undergo the operation and begin months of physical therapy.

While I'm not as crazy about Kenya when Josh isn't here, I have taken on another task to keep myself busy. The photographer for NCS has returned home to the UK, leaving an availability for someone to take his place. I gladly stepped in. One, because it got me closer to the field, and two, because I love the challenge of capturing that moment. You can look at some other photos online and stay updated with Josh's team by visiting...

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brad said...

I am sorry to hear about Josh's injury. It is one that I have somehow narrowly avoided but have seen in a couple of really good friends as well as my brother. No fun at all... It'll be added to the prayer list. And you as well, his departure must be tough.

And on the other side, it is cool to see you grabbing opportunities over there, especially ones involving things that you enjoy so much! Sports photograper... Yet another surprise addition to your résumé. ;-)