Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Week at Camp

As I previously mentioned, thanks to the families at West Nairobi School and those of you at home, we sponsored 166 kids to go to camp. These slum students spent a week in paradise... three meals a day, warm beds to sleep in, a bible to study from, fun activities to take part in, and teachers who loved on them.

Myself, and a group of WNS High School students, spent 3 days at camp. We were given the responsibility of presenting bible lessons and games in hopes to interact with the campers. We also ate lunch there. To my surprise, the food was quite good. Lots of seasoned potatoes, vegetables, and soups.

I spoke with the camp director (Pastor Shadrack) at the end of the week. He proudly informed me that over 30 campers had accepted Christ. In my opinion, all of our hard work was summed up in that moment. The following are a couple of videos to show you the joyous faces I got to see throughout the week.

Minor Details

Funny story... This weekend I came upon some microwavable kettle corn at Nakumatt, our local super market. A rare treat to find something like this on the shelf. Knowledgeable of the fact that I don't have a microwave at home, I still made the purchase. The plan being to worry about how to pop the corn at a later point in time. I think my excitement proceeded me.

A solution to this problem came with the restaurant next door to Nakumatt. I kindly asked the gentleman behind the bar if I could use their microwave. It appeared that he understood, so I handed him the box and went back to a conversation I was previously in. 45 seconds later I decided we should only pop two of the three bags in the box. So, I turned to the guy behind the bar one more time to relay this message. He then stopped the microwave and pulled out (to my surprise) the entire unopened box of popcorn. I didn't know whether to laugh or to feel stupid that I assumed this man would know the procedure of microwavable popcorn. I salvaged what was left from the gooey plastic and asked if I could come behind the counter to do it myself. Pole sana!